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We want to provide you with tutorials, projects, patterns and all kinds of ideas to get productivity from your Carvewright or
CompuCarve machines.

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Carvewright/CompuCarve Machines
We can take your bitmap or logo and recreate it into a
carveable file. Email for more info.
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Carvewright and CompuCarve Resource Site
This site is Created and Copyrighted in
2007 by Jonathan Jantz
This site is not affiliated with CarveWright or Sears. Those names and logos are registered
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The CarveWright machine is the most versatile and easy to use woodworking
tool to ever be developed. The things you can do with this unit are truly

It is a compact, computer-controlled, 3-dimensional woodworking machine with
an easy-to-use interface that allows even a novice to craft wood and other soft
materials like a pro. In addition to its one-of-a-kind carving capability, the
unique configuration of the machine allows it to perform many other
woodworking functions, including cutting and contouring, jointing and routing.

Go to CarveWrights website at for more information and
to download a trial copy of their incredible software.

You can also buy this same machine from Sears. It is branded as a Craftsman
benchtop tool and is called the "CompuCarve."

Custom Created Patterns
Free Tutorials
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How to Make An Address
Sign in Coreldraw
You'll be amazed at how nice these carve!!
Jeff Birt Patterns
Get all 3 patterns for one
low price. This is the made
from scratch Crescent
Wrench many have been
asking about, as well as a
nice Vise Grips and Plumb
Hammer pattern.

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